What Mosaic is This?

It’s great I’m so busy with commissions I hardly have time to blog! I’m working on finishing up the Morrill frame for the painting, then onto the Bird Backsplash for Rosemary. Time is flying!
I just got a huge infusion of lovely stained glass pieces donated to my by a really nice guy from Swampscott. A whole trunk-full! Now I’ve sorted it, kind of, and put it in boxes on the shelves of the studio where I can dream on it as much as I want…very inspiring! I can’t wait to use it and may have some need for it in the current mosaic. Anyway, I want to say I truly appreciate the kindness and generosity of strangers. Who are now no longer strangers, part of the efforts behind the community mosaic projects which make them what they are, a community effort, no matter where you come from! Thanks to all who support what I/we do and keep it coming!
Stay tuned for photos of recent works and fall workshops…HUGE FUN!


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As a teaching artist it's important to me to get as many people from all walks of life involved in the creative process. So this is
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