Mosaic Catchup

So long in between posts…busy life, what can I say.  If I were posting all the time I wouldn’t be making anything in the studio would I?!?  So I’ll keep this short and so sweet.   Have finished the Morrill frame commission and would LOVE IT if you’d go check it out on my Kast Hill Studio Fan page on Facebook (link to the right here…) but you can see a preview on my Commissions page.  I’m so happy to have finished it after about 6 months of concentrated effort and really very happy with the final mosaic.  The clients were very very happy with it.  The painting was done by a niece (Meghan Carey) based on Gustav Klimt’s “Danae.”  The materials are almost entirely recycled stained glass and handmade faux gold leaf tiles.  I really had a good time making this mosaic , challenging as it was to treat the glass like paint.  I hope you all enjoy the results!

Upcoming events; I’ll be at the Deerfield Fair starting on the 30th through Sunday, 10/3.  I’ll be in the NH Made building demonstrating one of my mosaic techniques on a panel.  I won’t tell you the subject matter but think animals… Please stop by and say hello!  I might even ask you to snag me a cider donut!

And quickly wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed the NECAP conference on the importance of PLAY!  Needless to say though I will anyway, we had fun PLAYING while collaborating on a big and very colorful paper and tape mural, fun and amazement at Michael Moshun juggling (though it was so much more than that) and fun playing word games and meeting all the wild and crazy teaching artists who attended the conference.  The day got me back in a really good creative space and I’m looking forward to bringing that inspiration to my teaching and my own work.  Everybody needs to PLAY a lot more!


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