Mosaics to Go at Bed & Breakfast

Had a wonderful time running this workshop at Wild Orchard Guest House in Deerfield, NH this past weekend. We had nine participants all from the surrounding area who had a fine time, each person creating a 9×12 mosaic panel using recycled stained glass, china shards and found treasures. We had a blast sitting in our host’s dining room surrounded by her gorgeous collection of contemporary ceramics and other fine crafts. We were warned to keep our mitts off though, just in case we were eyeballing them for our mosaics! The workshop was followed by a great picnic style lunch and everyone went home with a fantastic completed mosaic and a full belly…
The weather, though extremely windy and chilly, cooperated and a great time was had by all.
I hope to run more workshops like this in the near future, but in the meantime am preparing for the Dunbarton Arts and Garden Festival at the end of April and first weekend in May. I’ll tell you all more about this soon!
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As a teaching artist it's important to me to get as many people from all walks of life involved in the creative process. So this is
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