Inspired Spring Mosaics and the Care and Feeding of an Artist

Just wanted to share some thoughts about spring and such. I’ve been inspired by the piles of snow still lingering in our yard. Tucked in the corner of the barn and ell is an especially large one we affectionately call “Mt.Fuji” to honor our intention of building a japanese style garden there some day. We think it will work well as it will be primarily fine gravel and large stones for a zen style garden. In other words, it can tolerate a large dumping of snow/weight and not by any worse for the wear. But I digress… I love the various tints of white, blue, yellow and even rose as the light changes on this snow pile. Spring is all around in new shades of greens and yellows, yet here sits this pile of stubborn-ness. Anyway, I’m inspired by it and have found myself making all white mosaics in the form of 3-D mushrooms. I have a lot of white scraps in various tints with interesting cracks and raised patterns and I LOVE how they work together. The sculptural effect can’t be underestimated…
I also wanted to tell you how good Tai Chi and Yoga have been for me this past winter and now. So calming and grounding. Much needed in all this business. And fortunately, I AM busy!
So, if you’re looking for peace, try Tai Chi and Yoga, could be just the thing!


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As a teaching artist it's important to me to get as many people from all walks of life involved in the creative process. So this is
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