Barrington Middle School Artist Residency and “Spring Into Warner!”

Spring really is here!  The birds are singing, the spinach is coming up in the garden and life is good.  This is just a quick post. I’m really tired after spending 3 days of a 5 day artist residency at the Barrington Middle School.  115 middle school students are each creating their own 6″x 6″ mosaic panel that will become part of a large quilt or hallway border.  They’ve worked so hard all week, what a great bunch of kids!  Tomorrow is the last day of attaching pieces to their panels and Friday will be a mosaic grouting marathon!  All hands on deck in the cafeteria for mass mud flinging (hope not!)  A lot to get done in a short amount of time.  I’ll let you know when it’s all done, and will of course have a great Facebook album for you to look at.

This Saturday, May 19th from 10am-4pm, I’ll be in Warner, NH for their annual “Spring Into Warner” celebration.  I’ll be demonstrating the art of “pique assiette” style mosaics (broken plates!), and there will be plenty of other craftspeople, artists, children’s activities and locally grown food and music for all to enjoy.  So if you’re out and about, please come say hello.  And happy spring!


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As a teaching artist it's important to me to get as many people from all walks of life involved in the creative process. So this is
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