Making Mosaics in this Heat!

The long and the short of it is… I’m not! (At least not until this Thursday, but more on that in a minute.)) Instead I’m figuring out how to keep the heat out of my studio and avoiding plugging into “the grid” with A/C! Looking into tinted window film for upper windows, making insulated roman style shades for same and simple push aside curtains for the lower windows- all 7 windows, plus 4 upper windows, including the picture window. A LOT of sewing which I think will have to happen in the house- where the FAN is!

That said… starting on Thurs. 7/19 I’ll be on Main Street in downtown Concord, NH for 3 days (!) of the fun and festivities of Market Days and Concord’s very own local Arts Market! (I just tried to give you a link but my “bandwidth has been exceeded” whatever THAT means! You might be able to “Google” it yourselves and look for InTown Concord or just Market Days.)

Anyway, the Arts Market will be ON Main Street this year, (not tucked away in Eagle OR Bicentennial Square) down by the Capital Bldg. where the Main Stage used to be. So! We’re hoping for cooler temps and a good breeze for all 3 days,

Community Mosaic Project at Granite State Music Festival

please and thank you very much! This event is being improved over the past year’s with more music, better food and more activities for families/children. I will have a Community Mosaic Project set up so be sure to stop by and add a piece or two or three! (I believe we are there each day from 10 to 9 or so.) Hope to see ya there!


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As a teaching artist it's important to me to get as many people from all walks of life involved in the creative process. So this is
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