Mosaics in History and Today

Happy Summer- finally!   I’ve had a great time this past fall, winter and now spring creating mosaics to help various towns to celebrate their anniversaries.  Local schools and their students are very interested in learning about their history and sharing what they learn through the art of mosaic.  Beginning with the Weare Middle School where we made 6 large mosaic panels; 3 with local iconic buildings, 3 with items either grown or made in the villages of Weare, the students demonstrated their skills and artistry in these wonderful mosaics.  Just this past week, I finished up an artist residency in Dunbarton at the Elementary School, where I worked with grades K – 6 to create 10 large mosaic panels to adorn an outer entryway at the school.  Again, the subject represents beautiful and recognizable images around town.  The students worked on mosaics of daffodils, ice harvesting, the Molly Stark house and the Town Hall, among other things.  They look really wonderful and will be installed this coming Tuesday.  We all can’t wait to see how they transform the doorway!  Beginning in June, I’ll be traveling to 7 or 8 different venues and events with 4 Community Mosaics for participants to work on with me.  This project “Mosaic 250” is sponsored by Lincoln Financial Services, organized by Jessica Fogg and Concord 250, which is putting on a year long party to celebrate the city of Concords’ 250th anniversary next year.  I’m in the process of designing the artwork for the mosaics and will have the first one at the June 6th Kick Off Celebration (see my events page for details or go to Facebook.)  Also in the works for next year is a Community Mosaic Project for the town of Hopkinton, NH to celebrate their anniversary.  It’s quite a time for historical mosaics and Kast Hill Studio!  You couldn’t choose a better medium for it’s durability and longevity and I feel that my use of recycled materials, in the form of stained glass, only adds to its’ value. I hope that you’ll have a chance to come out to some of these community events and to join in the fun.  It’s going to be a great summer!


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