Commissions and the Teaching Artist


Happy Anniversary Jonathan and Lindsay!

I was thrilled to be asked to create this mosaic for some friends to celebrate their anniversary this year.  When Jonathan first asked me about doing this project  I was hesitant.  Given the fact that my school residencies have kept me busy almost the entire school year I was reluctant to agree to this commission.  I always want to make my clients happy and I wasn’t sure when I could complete it.  But once he understood the loooong! timeline- like the whole winter and part of spring… I agreed.

I have to say it was pure joy working on this between school projects.  I loved my quiet time in the studio, silent in the snow except for mellow music playing, it was a great way to slow down, get absorbed in the process and steer my mind and heart in another direction.  I love this kind of work and get easily lost in not only fitting pieces together but in choosing just the right patterns and colors from the mountains of dishes that I have.  That’s really the part I love the most, getting inspired by the variations and the challenges of making everything work.  For example, the flowers were individually cut out of some plates I went hunting for specifically for this project.  What amazing luck when I found the exact flowers I was looking for!

Thank you to Jonathan’s brother who designed the original artwork for the couple’s wedding invitations.  And thank you Jonathan for choosing me to honor your special day!






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