Happy Summer! Kast Hill Studio is super busy

Happy Summer! Kast Hill Studio is super busy taking advantage of the sunny skies after weeks and weeks of rain.
Coming up on July 8 & 9 I’ll be in Harrisville, NH at the home and studios of Hans and Marcy Schepker, Glass Geometry and Pear Tree Studios, respectively. My time there is part of the “Immersion in the Arts” Summer 2013 Intensive program for kids ages 6 to 18. We’ll be mosaicing 2, 20′ long semi-circular concrete benches that surround a fire pit. We have all kinds of fun materials to work with from stained glass scraps, mankala beads, tiles and stone. The benches are being completed as you read this!

In the meantime, I’m finishing up a commissioned mosaic wall panel for a garden that’s about 2′ x 3′. The theme is dragonflies in their natural NH environment; swamps and fields. I’ve used mixed materials and think it looks beautiful so far. I’m hoping to start work towards the end of July on two more commissioned projects for some dear friends of mine; a garden sculpture and another large panel for the side of a garage. I’ll keep you posted on that!

July 17, 18 and 19 are the annual Concord, NH Market Days and Festival. As part of the Arts Market, I’ll once again be offering visitors the chance to participate in a Community Mosaic Project. This years’ project is extra special, so I’m keeping it a surprise. Let’s just say, think aquatic… Be sure to come by my tent and add a piece or two of glass!

I’ll be at the Vermont Carving Studio and Sculpture Center August 5-9 to teach Lightweight Armature Building for 3-D Sculpture and Mosaic. We’ll have a blast! For info and to sign up see http://www.carvingstudio.org/workshops/workshop-information.asp.

As always, hope to see you soon!

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Weare Middle School Artist in Residence

It has been my pleasure to work with the students of Weare Middle School, grades 5-8 for the past week. Some 600 kids worked on a total of 6 3′ x 4′ mosaic panels to help commemorate their town’s 250th anniversary. The students made their artwork based on photos borrowed from the Historical Society archives. We had 3 panels representing 3 different historic landmark buildings, and 3 panels representing the items that were either manufactured or grown and harvested in that area. The villages made everything from linseed oil and boots, to wooden toys and rope. The students worked hard on these enormously detailed mosaics, especially on the buildings. The had to learn perspective and did a great job on getting all the angles right, which isn’t easy! Also, in addition to the recycled stained glass, we used tiny bits of mirror for windows and tiny bricks made of porcelain tiles all cut by hand! Running across the bottom of each of the six panels are sets of railroad tracks and in between the tracks we incorporated real gravel. The tracks truly “tie” it all together! In just four days, the panels were ready for grouting and on the 5th day we were able to do just that. Soon, we’ll remove the masking tape on the frames and give them a final coat of paint in preparation for the installation. The students, teachers, principal and staff of WMS certainly have a lot to be proud of. Thanks for having me at your school, it was a real pleasure! Well done everyone!Weare Middle School 6.13 147Weare Middle School 6.13 149Weare Middle School 6.13 150Weare Middle School 6.13 151Weare Middle School 6.13 152Weare Middle School 6.13 153

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Compass Rose is Complete!

Completed by client in a series of private lessons.

Completed by client in a series of private lessons.

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Spring and Mosaics for the Garden

Are you thinking gardens? I am! Garden sculpture that is; concrete, rebar and buckets of broken china and stained glass just waiting to be put together to form something wonderful. I”ve been dreaming all winter of sculptures with colorful shining bits of reflective mirror and glass popping up out of the snow like some kind of other-worldly flower garden. As the last little bits of snow melt away,, I’m planning some big projects. Fantastical archways leading into paths strewn with smaller mosaic creatures peeping out from behind purple iris and bright yellow daffodils. Over sized found object mushroom stools tucked away under the pines. Fountains covered in every imaginable pattern of china, glass and colored mirror. So much to be done, I can hardly wait!
I’ll be busy this spring that’s for sure… An artist residency in an elementary school creating mosaic panels to help commemorate their town’s 250th anniversary, Arts on the Green for Mother’s Day with some of my glass on glass work, workshops at the Vermont Carving Studio, finishing up a compass rose project with a client in a private lesson…. so many wonderful projects!
I feel very lucky to be doing all that I am doing and loving every minute of it. I look forward to a busy and fun summer and hope to see you all. Stop by the studio- I’ll be out in the gardens!

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A Mosaic in Winter and other February Musings…

It’s been awhile between blogs. I guess that’s just an indication of being too busy with work to write, and that’s a great thing. Workshops here at Kast Hill have been suspended until spring. Again, other work to do! So thanks for your patience in advance…

I’m currently involved in a series of private lessons with a client who wants to create a compass rose of ceramic tile. She and her husband, who is from India, are world travelers and want the mosaic to represent this passion. The rose will have a very international flavor, romantic and evocative of faraway places, exotic marketplaces scented with sandalwood and jasmine… we hope we can pull it off! Once completed, the compass will be installed in a tile floor of an entryway in their new addition. This is a new project for me and I’m excited to be learning another skill! We’ll keep you posted!
I’m working hard on an RFP for the new Portsmouth Middle School in Portsmouth, NH. This is a 1% for Art project on a multi-million dollar renovation of a 1930’s school with a major addition, which includes a really fantastic student commons area. I hope to be chosen for an artist in residency project and am submitting three proposals. I’m excited to think I could be a part of helping the students create something wonderful for their new school. Wish me luck!
I’ll be at the Weare Middle School in Weare, NH in April for an artist’s residency to create three, 4 ‘ x 6’ mosaic panels to help commemorate the town’s 250th year celebration. Grades 5-8 will be creating panels that will feature historic buildings that represent some of the many villages that existed, or still exist today in the town of Weare. This town has an interesting history including being the first town to make shoes in NH! I think the students will have a lot of fun researching the subject matter and choosing their images. Our challenge will be recreating historic subjects with modern materials- this will be great!
Other work right now includes finishing up a mosaic commission of a dragonfly panel for a garden wall. Lovely to work on in a sunny studio on these freezing cold days!

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Kast Hill Studio Featured in NH Magazine December Issue

Dear Friends,
I’m so proud to be written up in the current issue (December) of NH Magazine! I had a very long interview with Creative Director Susan Laughlin, and am thrilled that she was able to make sense of all that information. We covered a lot of ground and she did an excellent job of honing it down into a very readable article. Thanks Susan!

In her article, she mentions a few Kast Hill Studio events and I thought I would too! For the month of December I’ll be the featured artist at Dos Amigos on Main St. in Concord, NH. There I’ll have the opportunity to show off all the wonderful Community Mosaic Projects created by participants from all over New England in the last several years, as well as a few pieces of my own.

On December 7th I’ll be taking part in the Concord Arts Market holiday “Giftopolis” at Eagle Square from 6pm until midnight. This is the first time I’ll be selling glass on glass mosaics made specifically for this show. Most are priced at $50 or under. Downtown Concord will be alive with fun things to do, great music and food too. Please come say hello!

And for those of you who have missed my workshops this fall, don’t worry! There are still a couple more before Christmas and then I’ll take a short break and will be back wish new classes for the winter! I have a lot of new tricks up my sleeve, so you need to come play!

I hope you all had a restful and happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for reading my blog and I hope to see you soon! Lizz

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Kast Hill Studio New Events for Fall and Early Winter 2012

The title says it all! Please go to my Events page to check out my busy-ness for this fall and winter. So many things to do, how to choose? I’m making new mosaics like a mad woman so I hope you’ll all come out and check ’em out! Think gifts! And be sure to take a look at all my new Workshops!

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