Artist Residency Schedule and Events

Lyme School Mosaics in school entryway. Grades K- 12

Lyme School Mosaics in school entryway. Grades K- 12

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017

Artist in Residence Program Schedule

September;  Kearsarge Regional Elementary School, Bradford, NH, grades K – 5. Three 3′ x 4′ exterior mosaic panels at school entryway to celebrate the Kearsage region flora and fauna.

October; Freeman Kennedy School, Norfolk, MA, grade 6, five 2′ x 3′ interior mosaic panels, subject is the State of Massachusetts and includes state symbols and other iconic imagery

October/November; Mount Lebanon School, West Lebanon, NH, grades K- 4, three exterior mosaic panels to fill 7′ x 5′ area on entrance to school, the mosaics will feature the school mascot, a lion.

January; Franklin Elementary School, Keene, NH, grades K – 5. Three 3′ x 4′ exterior mosaic panels to be installed in a Memorial Garden for a teacher who passed away last year.  The theme is an Alice in Wonderland like garden, over sized flowers, plants and animals.

January; Beech Hill School, Hopkinton, NH, A 3′ x 4′ mosaic to be installed in main foyer of school.  This is a grant funded community mosaic project for 32 students grades 6-8 as a celebration of the schools 5th anniversary.  Alumni are invited to participate.

March; Belmont Elementary School, Belmont, NH, a NHSCA Grant funded project for grades K-4, with grade 4 as the core group.  These interior mosaics will be a celebration of Belmont history.

April; Pittsfield Elementary School, Pittsfield, NH,  Grant funded project with grades K – 6, grade 3 as the core group, will create for 2′ x 3′ interior mosaics for Pittsfield Town Hall to celebrate the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival.

May; Sharon Elementary School, Sharon, VT, Grades K -4, 8 wedge shaped mosaics for an interior ceiling installation in the shape of an octagon in the schools’ central gathering area.  Theme TBD.

May; Sunset Heights Elementary School, Nashua, NH, Grades K-5, creating 4, 3′ x 4′ mosaics for the main front entry of the newly renovated school.  The theme will be unity in diversity, friendship and respect for all.

Fall 2017

Southwick Elementary School, Northfield, NH, Grades K – 4,  3′ x 4′ mosaics for outside wall on front of school. Theme is compassion, kindness, caring and respect in our diversity. (In process)

February; Norman E. Day School, Westford, MA, Grant funded project for grades 3-5, Six 3′ x 4′ interior mosaics for cafeteria. (In process)