Artist Residency Schedule


Lyme School Mosaics in school entryway. Grades K- 12


Fall/ Winter 2019-2020

Artist in Residence Program Schedule

June, July, August; in the studio.  Working on various commissions, workshops, small group and private lessons.  Happy to have visitors!

September: Open

October; Memorial Elementary School, Newton, NH,  grades K-5,  creating five 3′ x 4″ mosaic panels to be installed in the school library.  The theme is yet to be determined.

November; Daniel J. Bakie School, Kingston, NH, grades K- 5, four, 3′ x 4′  mosaic panels installed on the exterior wall located facing the playground and outdoor classroom, the mosaics theme is historical buildings and sites in Kingston.  Partially funded by the Boosters Club.

December; Newton School, South Strafford, VT, K-8,  about 100 students will be creating four, 3′ x 4′ mosaics featuring the core values of the school; Academic Success, Community Engagement and Involvement; Overall Well Being, and Collaboration. A PTO funded residency.

January; (I hope to be at) Florence Rideout Elementary School, Wilton, NH, grades K-5, one 3′ x 4′, two 2′ x 3′ exterior mosaics to be installed on the front of the school at the main entrance.  The theme is yet to be determined.  Thank  you NH State Council on the Arts for the grant!

February; A much needed rest!

March; ( I hope to be at) Wheelock Elementary School, Keene, NH, Grades K- 5  will create four 3′ x 4′ mosaic panels to be installed inside the front foyer of the school.  Theme is building community in our school every day.  Thank you NH State Council on the Arts for the grant!

April: Open as of June 2019

May: Open ”

June: Open ”


Octagon Ceiling Mosaic for Sharon Elementary School, Sharon, VT