Artist Residency Schedule and Events

Lyme School Mosaics in school entryway. Grades K- 12

Lyme School Mosaics in school entryway. Grades K- 12











Fall/ Winter 2018-2019

Artist in Residence Program Schedule

September;  Weston School, Manchester, NH, grades K – 5.  This project is partially funded by the PTO.   Students are creating four,  3′ x 4′ exterior mosaic panels to be installed on the front of the school to portray student concepts with images of  diversity, cooperation, kindness and community.

October; Hillsboro-Deering  Elementary School, Hillsboro, NH, focus on grades 3 & 4,  creating four 5′ x 30″ panels that will connect to form a large mosaic portraying scenes and objects of significance to the Hillsboro Community.  This project is funded in part by the Dunkin Jenkins Trust for cultural enrichment in this district.

November; Main Dunstable School, Nashua, NH, grades K- 5, five, 2′ x 3′  mosaic panels installed on an interior wall located near the main office, the mosaics theme is yet to be determined.  Partially funded by the PTO.

December; Mountain View Middle School, Goffstown, NH, 5th grade core group,  we’ll be creating four, 3′ x 4′ mosaics featuring arabesques which 5th grade is studying in art and in math.

January; Simonds School, Warner, NH, grades K-5, five, 3′ x 4′ exterior mosaics to be installed on the front of the school at the main entrance.  The theme is yet to be determined.

February; A much needed rest!

March; Highbridge Hill Elementary School, New Ipswich, NH, Grades K- 4  will create 5 mosaic panels of varying sizes for the foyer of the school.  Ideas for the imagery are in process. 

April: Open

May; Barnard School, South Hampton, NH, A school – wide project for Grades K – 8, will create four,  2′ x 4′ interior mosaics for the entryway.  Theme is TBD.

June, July, August; in the studio!

December 2019, Newton School, Strafford, VT, a school- wide project with grades K-8 to create four, 3′ x 4′ interior mosaics for the main stairwell entry. Theme is TBD.



Octagon Ceiling Mosaic for Sharon Elementary School, Sharon, VT