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A short video about my techniques, inspirations and the joy of sharing mosaic making…

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Professional Memberships and affiliations; SAMA (Society of American Mosaic Artists), Roster Artist for NH State Council on the Arts, NH Arts Learning Network, NH Art Educators Association, Mosaics New England, Contemporary Mosaic Art, NH Made, Women’s Caucus for Art NH, Faculty Vermont Carving Studio and Sculpture Center.

When I’m working on my mosaics, I am drawn in by the tactile quality and visual stimulation offered by the uneven and reflective surfaces of the broken china, stained glass and found objects I use.  Something about handling these materials appeals to me in a way that paper, paint or pencils don’t.  I can create a three dimensional story with each piece.  Sometimes it’s the china itself that creates a story with its pattern.  Occasionally it’s what I  add on that tells a story or captures a moment in time.  The viewer has to decide what the story is…
I also find it very rewarding and important to use mainly recycled materials in my work.  I collect scraps from stained glass artists, dichroic glass from jewelry makers, broken or cracked china and found objects from antique shops, yard sales and flea markets.  My substrates are often pieces of wood from building projects.  There is so much more character in things that are used and recycled, they have a story all their own.
My mosaic is finished when I feel I’ve made something people will  enjoy, maybe even smile at or be reminded of another time.  I want to leave behind something lasting, so I hope the mosaics and their stories will be around for a long time!


NH State Council on the Arts Roster Artist

The Society of American Mosaic Artists

New Hampshire Arts Learning Network

New Hampshire Art Educators’ Association

Contemporary Mosaic Art

Mosaics New England


The Vermont Carving Studio and Sculpture Center

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